Saturday, March 11, 2017

And the Worms Ate Into His Brain

    Mr. Snarky has always vowed to NOT be one of those old guys who says, "Everything was better in my day. We used to go outside and" blah blah blah and other things kids won't listen to. I love a lot of the things from today, technology wise and otherwise. But one of the things I miss the most??? Well, besides being young and strong and healthy you mean? Yeah, besides that, I miss record albums.

Yeah. These things.

    Now I'm aware that you can still get vinyl albums, but that's not what I mean. Most people these days get their music from Itunes, Spotify or Pandora. Well, there's also that little thing called radio, but that made my generation want to run out and buy the albums. We also bought 45s, which won't mean anything to my younger readers. You see kids, record players used to have 3 different speeds. 33 1/3 speed was for big albums... you know, like a CD. (The way things are going these days, the youngest of my grandchildren might not even know what a CD is when they are older) The next faster speed was 45. 45s had 2 songs; one on the front and one on the flip side. Usually the hit song was side A and the B side was something that rarely hit the radio. Also, to listen to a 45, along with a turntable (AKA record player) you had to have one of these...

AKA a 45 thingie

    Lastly, there was 78 speed and that was used when you were really high and wanted to make Led Zeppelin sound like the Chipmunks. What? No. Not me. It was illegal back then. I meant other people used to do that.

Like this guy, who I found out a few hours ago had died... only he hadn't. So that's good.

   Back to the point of this post. Yes I miss vinyl and record stores and turntables, but I really miss the concept album. My favorite of these would have to be Pink Floyd's "The Wall." I love every second of the double album. The thing is, you really need to hear all of it to truly appreciate it. Sides one through four, (or disk one and two) all the way through. Floyd even set up that album so that the ending of the final song can seamlessly transition right back into the beginning of side one - song one. In my opinion, one of the greatest albums in rock history. Other albums that I happen to love (in their entirety), in no particular order are the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," "2112" by Rush (especially side 1), Collective Soul's "Dosage," and "Wish you were Here," also by Pink Floyd.

Also album cover art. I miss that too.

    It is my opinion that in the current climate and going forward, the idea of the "concept album" will be lost. There really isn't that much call for it with shuffle, and thumbs up to songs you love and quickly down to ones you haven't heard much... and won't ever again on Pandora. It's kind of a shame, which is why I still make sure to listen to my favorites from cover to cover on occasion.

As Bubba said, "That... that's about it."
Love ya's, 
Mr. Snarky
    P.S. Let me know in the comments.... am I wrong? Are artists still making "albums"? Also, what are some of your favorites from now or back then?

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  1. Operation Mind crime by Queensryche. Have to listen to the whole album.


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