Monday, December 5, 2011

A Snarky Christmas

     With all that our daughter is going through right now I feel bad for being a Christmas FREAK!   As you have probably ascertained, this is Mrs. Snarky, not Mr. Ba-humbug Snarky.

I've been pondering today a way to help her not hate Christmas this year.  I could call her up and sing a song to her every morning before she heads to work, but I'm fairly sure she'd get sick of  "Jingle Bells" pretty fast if I do that.  I could remind her constantly that this is a season of celebration, of loving one another and being kind to each other.... however, I am also sure that she will just laugh in my face over that one.

Then, I came up with this GREAT idea.  Well, I didn't come up with it... I borrowed it from the family of our daughter's best friend.  Every day this month, I could give her a small gift.  A candle, a candybar, a card, a handwritten note, a scarf, a poem I've written for her.... you know, that kind of thing.  Nothing expensive or extravagant.... but something that would let her know that I am here, I love her, and here, have some stuff you probably don't need.

I kind of like that tradition a lot.  In fact, I wish my whole family did it.  I would love it if every day someone would put some thought into a little something to give me.  I would completely love to do that for someone else.  What a thoughtful and mindful way to think of the people you love.  I don't mean going out to buy them something, and making it a burden on yourself or something you dread doing.  Maybe one shopping trip, spend $20 on a few cute, fun or sweet items, spend an evening writing up some special "love" notes for them, maybe a list of all the things you like about that person.... and then randomly presenting them throughout the month.  I want a holiday do over!!!!  Why did my parents not teach me that when I was younger?

Oh yea, because my parents were busy just loving me, raising me, working, caring for my needs and trying to put together a special Christmas morning for myself and my siblings by making, creating, crafting and sewing things along with the store bought items to be laid under the tree on Christmas morning.


Oh well.  That tradition kind of sucks anyway considering that the mother of the family left her husband for a high school sweetheart, their oldest daughter moved away and no longer talks to the family and the son is now in jail for all kinds of little crimes.

I'll stick with our family tradition of dancing around the tree on Christmas morning and wadding up the wrapping paper to have a paper throwing fight when the gifts are all opened.  That should keep our family together and strong in the years to come.

Excuse me, I have to hug my daughter and tell her I love her.

Merry Christmas! Mrs. Snarky