Snarky's Top Ten

Mr. Snarky enjoys beer from time to time. Mr. Snarky usually goes for dark beer, but not always. Here are my top ten favorite beers. Enjoy!

10. Foster's - Fairly light, but there is something really cool about drinking it out of the big can

9. Sam Adams Summer Ale - Again, not a heavy beer, but a very enjoyable drink on a hot summer evening

8. Labatt Blue - The third lighter(but not light) beer on the list. This one brings back some decent memories of a bar in Chicago I used to hang out in sometimes

7. Harp Lager - Not so mellow, but still not into the heavy category. Just a nice solid lager

6. Dos Equis Amber - I know some people don't like fruit in their beer. This one is fine without, but I love it with lime. Slightly heavy, but no bitterness

5. Blue Moon - Fruit in beer #2. Again not necessary, but putting an orange wedge in one really brings out a nice flavor. Fairly easy on the taste buds for those who don't enjoy the dark stuff

4. Spaten Oktoberfest - Very rich flavor. Hard to describe but it is almost cider-like while not actually being cider. Did that clear it up? I didn't think so. Give it a try. It won't disappoint

3. Black Butte Porter - I just had an argument with myself over why I didn't put this number 1. I love this beer. Strong, dark, and a hint of chocolate. I don't know if you can find this anywhere other than the west coast, but if you can and you like the dark stuff, it'll blow you away

2. Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout - I like everything about this beer other than the fact that I rarely get to drink it. The bottle is cool and the taste is better.

1. Flag Porter - Where oh where can I get myself some Flag Porter? Anyone? I'd love to set it next to a Black Butte and do a comparison, but I haven't seen this beer in several years. I may have to try to order some online. It is amazing.