Monday, February 13, 2012

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

This is Mr. Snarky's brain lately. It seems to get this way every year between the Super Bowl and March Madness. I do enjoy a little NHL and NBA, but I'm mostly a fan of those sports during the playoffs. Good news though; pitchers and catchers report this week for spring training, so Baseball is not that far away. Okay, so this blog is not really about sports, and in fact I have done very little sports writing on it... but for some reason, watching my favorite sports seems to get my brain moving. Not that you care about any of that anyway. So there's that.

Here's this: Can someone send me a check for a hundred thou or so because I know if I didn't have to go to work, I'd find funny stuff to video or blog about all the time, even in February.

Mrs. Snarky wrote a lovey dovey post on her other blog, (in actuality, "The Snarky Couple" is her other blog... while this is her real blog) and it was really amazing and sweet. So of course, I'll do no such thing here other than this... "Hey Mrs. Snarky!!! You're pretty badass. Happy Valentines day and stuff. Love ya's!" So there's that.

Here's this: Was it just me, or are the 2012 Giants one of the worst teams to ever win a Super Bowl?

It's funny how there are times when blog posts pop into my head no problem and then I go home and write them in like 15 minutes, and then there are times like now when I seem to be writing forever and nothing interesting comes out. I wish there was a creativity button I could just push and the stuff would start flowing. But there isn't. So there's that.

Here's this: Was it just me, or were the Super Bowl commercials really lame this year?

I have intentionally stayed away from politics on this site for a myriad of reasons and will continue to do so. Anyway, there are plenty of places to look for political opinions on the internet, so why would I bother doing it here? The only thing I'm going to say is that both sides need to chill out. Seriously. There's far too much hatred going on over a bunch of bullshit. Just look at the comments on Facebook or on any of the news sites after a major, or even a minor news event. I'm tired of it. So there's that.

Here's this: I'm tired in general.

Is anyone else out there completely sick of all the reality shows on tv? The other day, one of my kids came in the living room, turned on the tube and switched to MTV Real Life. The subject was "Addicted to Texting" or something like that. They followed a 20 something married girl, and a 15 year old who both spend most of their waking hours sending and receiving text messages. Now there's something to waste your time watching, right? I only stayed in the room for 10 minutes or so, but two quotes still ring in my head. First, the married girl saying, "I hope the day never comes when he tells me I have to choose between him, or my phone." Well sweetheart, if you were my wife, and you were texting so many guys that I felt the need to say that, I'd already be gone and you and your phone can be together. Oh, and I'd be taking the phone records into court when we divorced so I would get custody of the kid. The 15 year old told her mom, "It's my life! You can't tell me what to do!" The mom patiently tried to help her to spend a little less time texting. The girl said she texts 13 or 14 thousand times a month. Well mom, the time for being patient is OVER! Here's what you do. You take the phone from her hand, or wait till she's sleeping if you want, then you can drop it in the toilet, hit it with a hammer, throw it against the wall, put it under your tire and back up, throw it over Niagra Falls... the possibilities are endless. However, I wouldn't recommend you shoot it and post it on her Facebook wall... although you might get a hit youtube video if you do. So there's that.

Hope you all get some excellent Valentine's Day action!

Love, Mr. Snarky