Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Flippin' Monday To You Too

    Having a one day weekend sucks. It especially sucks when the one day you have off turns out like mine did yesterday. (click here if you missed yesterday's post) So of course, I woke up in a terrific mood. (If you were unaware, bold italics = sarcasm) By the time I'd gotten my coffee and walked into work, the mood hadn't really improved, but I was as ready to face the day as I could get myself. Now, I'm not naming names, (FEZ!!!) but we had a short-term employee whose last day was yesterday. He's a younger guy, who is going to school and was going to be working with us for a while, but schedule changes forced him to quit. I liked the kid. As in past tense. I USED TO LIKE HIM. GRRRR!!!!

I had planned on showing some medieval torture device I would use on the guy but I found the images unsuitable for our younger readers and didn't want to get a PG-13 rating. Suffice it to say that you'd hate it, Fez.

    Now, you may be asking yourself, "Self, why is Mr. Snarky so angry with this Fez person so much today?" and Mr. Snarky might say, "Be patient. I'll get to it. Gosh!"

    I get to my work station and immediately I hear loud chirping noises. We have these birds for sale  that chirp when their motion detector is activated. I pretty much hate them, but I really hate when someone hides them where I won't be able to easily find them when I'm half asleep on Monday morning! The chirping continues and I go to open my drawer and find that it's taped shut. On my counter is a penny. Super-glued. I go to another workstation and that one starts chirping! And all around are little signs that say "FEZ WAS HERE!" And I'm thinking to myself, you're lucky you're not here now, pal!

No, Dr. Who. Fezzes are NOT cool. And anyway, I'm pretty sure he was named after this other Fez...

This one is not all that cool either.

    So, Fezbo the clown, this post is for you. You best watch your step if ever we see each other again. I'll get you back. I promise. (The following video is NSFW - explicit lyrics)

Much Love to You All.... except for Fez.

Okay, fine. Him too. I don't hold grudges.


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