Saturday, March 4, 2017

Amazing video watching website thingie

     I don't know if any of you have noticed, but there's this website where you can share your own videos and watch other people's. Pretty cool, right? It's called YouTube. Okay, fine. You've heard of it. But did you know that it's only been around for 12 years now? Founded in February of 2005, then sold to Google a year and a half later for 1.65 BILLION dollars. In contrast, Mrs. Snarky and I founded The Snarky Couple in 2011 and probably couldn't sell it to anyone for 1.65 dollars. That's not what I wanted to talk to you about tonight though. 

How about a buck? Anyone? Anyone??
    According to Wikipedia (which can be scary, I know, but I think most of what I'll offer here hasn't been messed with) YouTube was created because of two major events occurring in 2004 of which the founders couldn't find online videos. The second of these two occurred on December 26th, that being the horrific Indian Ocean Tsunami. Less than 2 months later, the three founders had purchased their domain name and began working on the site. The next time I have a great idea, I'm buying up the site name I want and running with it. That's all there is to it.

    The earlier "major event" that helped YouTube come into being was this:

Who knew that something good could come out of such... debauchery!

    Of course, every red blooded American male needed to be able to watch Janet Jackson's nip-slip over and over and be able to pause at exactly the right spot! How did we live without this technology? It's inconceivable! 

   But seriously, I'm not sure we could live without YouTube any more, and not JUST for the nip-slip videos. Want to learn how to make a loaf of bread from scratch? There are at least 7 pages worth of video demonstrations. Need to change the thermostat on your car? As long as you have a late model car from a major automaker, there's a video showing you how to do it. How about tips for being better in bed? There are cartoons showing things to do, sex toys to use, and exercises to help you better satisfy your partner. Ewwwwww!!! 

Mr. and Mrs. Snarky could definitely use THIS video to get better in bed

    Again, according to Wikipedia, as of 2014, YouTube users were uploading 300 minutes of video every minute of every day! That's an insane amount, isn't it? If you think about it, YouTube contains just about the entire history of mankind's knowledge and people are constantly adding to it. It's incredible. A person could learn just about anything. I'm sure the most watched video on the site is something amazing, like, "How to save millions of lives by using this one weird trick!" No? Hmm. Maybe it's something about how to solve the drought in Africa. Not that either, huh? Okay, then what is it?

    Oh. Great....

With over 2.7 BILLION views...

wait for it......

not yet.....

okay then.....

here it comes.....

Gangnam Style? Really? WTF!!!???!!!

You people make me sick!

Mr. Snarky

P.S. Please comment with your favorite videos from YouTube. I'd love to watch everything there is on the site, but I'm pretty sure I'll never catch up. 


  1. If the question of what I watch on Youtube is strictly regarding current events, I tend to watch every snarky video about #45. However, to get into my creative side, wishful thinking side, this is the type of thing I pull up:

    No point in pulling it up, cuz its just painting tips. Interesting article, Mr. Snarky.

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