Friday, March 3, 2017

Getting old is really getting old

    I sometimes wish that I could go back to being a kid for just one day in order to remember what it was like when I didn't have a hundred different aches and pains. Then I realize how bad that would suck if it only lasted one day because then I'd remember what it's like to feel good and relatively pain free and I'd probably want to end it all and that would really suck because if I were dead, I wouldn't get to know who wins the World Series. It's important to have priorities, don't you think?

    Anyway, I'm not telling you this because I'm a complainer. Nope. I moan a little in my sleep, but try not to bitch too much whilst awake. I'm sharing this with you as a public service. If you are young and haven't experienced this yourself, consider yourself warned. It's coming.  I know, I know... you have no intention of listening to old Mr. Snarky. He's old as dirt and I'm still WAY younger than him and so I won't have to worry about that for years. Well, let me tell you, one day, you too will wake up and wonder where the heck all the time went. Everyone older than you is just a kid in an older person's body. I think I heard that in a movie once. Or maybe it was in a fortune cookie. I dunno.


    When you get older, doctors want to stick things or their fingers in places you'd really rather they didn't stick anything. They have other people working for them who will stab you (repeatedly if you're Mrs. Snarky) and then, they have the nerve to charge you money for it. WTF!!! It's even worse if you have to go to a specialist. It's nearly guaranteed that the Doc will want to do a "procedure" on you. This just gives them the chance to use more medieval torture devices on you AND charge you LOTS of money. Sounds great, Doc! Sign me up.

Bend over and say, "AHHHHH!!!" 

     Well, Mr. Snarky is getting tired (another sign of aging) and doesn't feel very funny tonight, so let's just call it good. I didn't promise I'd always be hilarious... just that I'd try. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Good night and good luck,
Mr. Snarky.
BTW, The Mrs. and I both quit smoking almost a year ago! We've got it made this time. Yay us!!!

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  1. If not smoking made you feel better....that's another subject. Getting old hurts. That is all, just ask your mother in law.


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