Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love my job... sometimes

I am writing this post as a public service to cashiers everywhere. I am not a cashier, but it is a fairly large part of my job. Glamorous I know. Cashiers have always held a special place in my heart. They work hard, stand on their feet all day, make crappy money, work crappy hours, and worst of all, they have to deal with the public constantly while trying to keep a smile on their face. Don't get me wrong; for the most part, I enjoy dealing with the public. There are just certain things about it that make me crazy.

DO NOT TALK ON YOUR CELLPHONE WHILE IN LINE... EVER!!! I mean it! Yesterday, a woman in line at the register was talking to her friend. She was at the front of the line and we couldn't help her without talking to her first. Her conversation, two decibels higher than a normal speaking voice, went something like this: "Yeah, I'm at the pharmacy right now. Uh huh. Well, I'm picking something up. No, at the drugstore. Yeah. I probably should go because I'm at the drugstore getting something for Charlie. Uh huh. Yeah." It went on like that for 2 or 3 minutes. Incredibly engaging conversation that couldn't possibly wait until AFTER picking up Charlie's meds, right? Hang up the damned phone lady! Even if you're just picking up a bottled water or something, talking on the phone says to the clerk that they mean absolutely nothing to you. Please, please don't do it.

Do not lick your finger when you are taking out your money or checkbook or debit card. This is especially true when you are at the pharmacy picking up antibiotics. It may sound silly, but people do it all the time... especially people over 50. I often want to stick out my hand and ask them if they'd like to spit on it, because in effect, that is what they've done. Instead, I grab the hand sanitizer, set it on the counter, and douse my hand right in front of them before taking the money to see if they get the hint. From what I can tell, none of them ever have.

If you want to make conversation, great. Just remember that this cashier has heard many of the same lines over and over and over all day every day. I'm not being clear here, so let me give you some examples. Yes, those of us who have to make you sign in the box know that it looks nothing like your signature. We don't give a rip. If an item you are trying to purchase has no price sticker or won't scan, IT ISN'T FREE! The teller at your bank who laughs when you stick her up by pretending your finger is a gun... thinks you are an idiot. And when she asks you how you want your 200 dollars, cash is NOT the answer she's looking for. The guy at the gas station knows that gas prices are really high. It's not his fault. When I worked at a different drug store that had a preferred customer card, the cashiers were required to tell them how much they saved by using the card. Me, "You saved 93 cents with your card." Them, "93 cents is 93 cents, hahaha" Me, "Really? I thought it was 92 cents. But actually, in 1953 dollars, 93 cents is 17 cents. And in Canada, 93 cents is more like 80 cents. But thanks for sharing." Okay, so I never said the last sentence. Instead I just tried not to make faces at them as they left. "Have a nice day!" Then under my breath, "MORON!"

Lastly, do not ever just throw your wadded up money on the counter. I can't speak for every cashier, but when I tell you the total and you flop money out there like that, it brings to mind just one word. Asshole!

Remember that cashiers, while not having the most exciting job in the world, are people. They HATE when you treat them like dirt or like they are invisible. When you have to wait in line, it's usually not their fault. They don't like it either. They've been standing there all day; you've only had to stand there for 5 minutes. They have a list of things they are supposed to be getting done when it's not busy and the crowd you see in front of you in line means that they can't do it and the manager doesn't care whether it's too busy. He only sees that the list hasn't been completed. So remember, the guy who takes your money might just be going to school to try to improve himself; the girl who runs your debit card might be a single mommy just trying to survive. Give 'em a break, would you? I'd appreciate it.

Hope this didn't make you mad because... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
But if it did make you mad.... PFFFFFFFTTTT! Mr. Snarky


  1. I agree very much with the phone thing. It's hard for me to be super nice and help you while you're talking on the phone and giving me a look of "shhhhh the person I'm talking to can't know I'm buying fast food".

  2. I'm always nice to cashiers. I was one once....and a waitress....and a fast food worker. Good for you for seeing that they are people, too! (Now if the rest of the world would just fall in line)

  3. Your post echoes my thoughts, my experience, and sometimes my desire to throw it back to the, if you have the same experiences (my hugest pet peeve has to be the cell phone while in line) I wonder how the customer would take it if we just didn't help them until they ended their phone call...I have a lot of other thoughts, too; but perhaps I will include a response blog to this.

  4. i think someone at the pharmacy did wait until a customer ended the call before helping. I vaguely remember it when i was working.. anyhow, thanks for posting this. All so true!


  6. Thanks for all the comments ladies. We do appreciate them... and thanks for reading. And Bunky... EWWWWWWW doesn't even cover how nasty that is to talk about in public.

  7. The Snarky DaughterNovember 14, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    Ahhh yes, the oh so wonderful job of a cashier/retail associate. I especially love the customers you see deliberately putting a scuff on a shoe and then coming up and saying, "this has a mark on it, can i get it at half price?" Or even today I SAW with my own two eyes a customer, grabbed a 9 dollar clearance tag and put it on brand new boots that were 59.99 and she had the nerve to say to me, "60 dollars?! The tag says its 9! So I should get it for 9 dollars!" OYE VEY, COME ON PEOPLE! Its also fun when people allow their children to just run around throwing shoes, opening makeup, putting jewelry in random places, when the parents obviously hear me tell the kids to stop running, or stop climbing or stop screaming (in a nice way of course) and they don't do a darn thing. Its quite irritating. And yes, we cannot control the prices, the quality of the product, we cant change the date of the obviously expired coupon, or make the BOGO sale begin just for YOU, thank you. and ONE more thing....its just rude to treat an employee as if they are dirt, I'm sorry if you are having a bad day customer, but so am I, because you I started my period and I have cramps, also my store is closing due to lack of sales and we cant keep all of our employees, my house is a mess because I am so unbelievably tired ALL the time, dont forget the fact that I am super warm from running around trying to find you shoes AND picking up after you and your children, oh yeah and I'm still not pregnant after 6 months, so yeah...I'm having a bad day myself, but PLEASE oh PLEASE customer tell me what I can do to make YOU happy and I of course do, I put on a great big smile, treat the customer with kindness and still get kicked in the ass with attitude. People need to spend at least a month in retail and learn some damn respect. Okay, I'm done. This is your blog. NOT MINE. haha much love <3

  8. Hmmm... So how do you really feel about it Snarky Daughter?

  9. Aint that the fn truth! How do you like it when you're ringing the customer and they cough in your face without covering their mouth. Or when they act like you are the scum that collects in the grooves of the bottom of your shoes. Or when they can't even look at you, because they are too busy thinking about how important they are and that you are the scum on the bottom of their shoes. :<


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