Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snarky Profile Picture

Just spent the better part of the day spiffing ourselves up, hiring a photographer, snapping hundreds of profile pictures and doing touch-ups on Photoshop.  Honestly, being beautiful can be such a pain in the ass.  The whole process wore out Mr. Snarky and he is once again sleeping.  Well, he is unconsciously watching the movie "The Last Starfighter."

You know, we've spent countless hours playing video games and really kicking ass at it and never once have we been offered the opportunity to head out into space to save the world let alone the galaxy.  I'm fairly certain that "The Last Starfighter" is full of shit.  I'm more inclined to believe that the movie "Inception" is more along the lines of reality.  In fact, as much as I love to sleep, I think that "Inception" is right up my alley.

I'll work on that tonight.  In the meantime, here is our glamour shot.

Don't hate us because we're beautiful.
Snark at you soon....  Mrs. Snarky

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