Thursday, March 16, 2017

21 Drinks

    My son turned 21 today. My youngest child... is now an adult. I had a shot with him at
Buffalo Wild Wings. Mr. Snarky feels REALLY old today.

Like this guy, with those eyebrows that just... whatever his are doing there. WOW

    I said I do some things today so I could write about them, but all I did was watch basketball, hockey and have a few drinks with my son. So I'll have to reminisce a bit. Remember when you were 21? It's a bit different for my son than it was for me, although I lived with his mom back then, and now he does. We were married already though, and my boy is nowhere close. I think that might be best for him though. I had to grow up fast. It was good for me though. Forced me to become a man, even though I didn't want to.

    But the year I turned 21 was nothing but a party every weekend. Sometimes, his mom and I would be out shopping, or visiting family, and we get to our apartment to find out we were having a kegger party. That was fun... mostly. Occasionally, we wanted to have a quiet night, but it rarely worked out that way. The keg would usually show up on Friday night, and be done by Sunday morning, so we'd have to go out and buy a couple cases for Sunday afternoon and evening. It hurts my liver just thinking about it.

Okay, so maybe it was more than a couple of cases, but who's counting?

    The thing I remember most was the feeling that the whole world was ours. We were young and good looking and strong and there was no telling what we could do. Then we grew older. And most of those dreams went out the window. Why? Where did they go? Did I just give up? I don't know. I do know this though. I wound up with 4 amazing children, 4 step-children and 11 grandchildren with more expected to come over the next several years. If I had to choose between the things and career I thought I'd have and my descendants? I'd choose the descendants every time. If I could make my first marriage perfect and no fights etc. leading to divorce, but it'd mean I would never get to have step-children and to call their kids my grandchildren, I'm choosing to go through the pain of the divorce with no questions asked.

    I had a few beers and a shot, as I said earlier, so I'm not extremely lucid right now. In fact, the bed is looking more inviting every minute. I am not really coming up with a fantastic finish or anything. I just want my family and friends to know that I have no major regrets, no matter where this life takes me, and that I wouldn't trade you for anything.

Now it's time for bed.

Goodnight world,


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