Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things You Don't Hear Every Day

Uhhhhhhhh...... what?

Sitting in our kitchen is entertaining.  The kitchen may be small... the booth we sit in is a tight fit for 4 people... the walk space is continually clogged up... But the kitchen is the hub of the house.  It is surrounded by a full and active living room and a hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom.  Because of that, you can hear pretty much anything going on in the house just sitting at the kitchen table.  Here are some things I recently overheard:

  • "The Evil Ride of doom is over!"
  • "Can we do an evil ride of jumpy squids?"
  • "Can we do the evil ride of fun doom??"
  • "Gamma!  Gamma!  Skeary!  Skeary"
  • "I am the EVIL Teacher of Doom!"
  • "That last movie was a movie the whole FAMILY can enjoy Gramma!" (finger in the air talking about movie previews before watching Land Before Time)
  • To the kids:  "What kinds of things do people do in the bathroom?" Answer "Shave your butt?"
  • "Sneizures!" (when someone sneezes 3 or more times in a row)
  • "Gramma said 'is she crying? is she screaming? is she blushing blood?'"
  • "Your eyes are still open.... I can hear them." (Medium playing in the background)
  • "Look at this mysterious ball!" (tiny bouncy ball that looks like a soccer ball)
  • People who cuss during sleep have "Sleep tourette's"

I challenge you to listen to what is going on around you and to post those things that you normally don't hear in every day conversation.  You just might discover that you live in a house of weirdos.

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  1. Oh, I am going to accept that challenge! Those were some great quotes! LOL. I like the "sneizures" -


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