Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quiet Time

     I'm craving some serious quiet time right now. However, as soon as I sat down at the computer my two year old granddaughter says "Nigh Night!!  Go nigh night!  happy bday??"  She is now singing "happy 'buth' kunkine away abcdfgee."    There is NO quiet moment with her.  None.  Zippo.  I know she can read, she's just being belligerent!

I've been perusing other blogs to get ideas for Christmas crafts and decor.  It sucks.  Seriously.  All of the places I click on CLAIM to have small children.  And yet the pictures they post make me believe that these people have never had a child step foot in their homes.  Where is the clutter?  The clothes on the floor?  The empty sippy cups???  The food spread around?

Just once I'd like to see an honest photo of a normal family.  Maybe I should head over to Awkward Family Photos.  Or maybe not -   Awkward!!!!

                                                                                           Mrs. Snarky


  1. Thier kids are probably in boarding school or something. They just leave that little tid-bit out ;)

  2. They lie. There are no children.

    Did you get any quiet time?

  3. i'll let you know when i have children if i can keep it clutter free. haha.


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